Thursday, June 1, 2017

Handmade in "Millennial Pink" - Light Pink, Rose Quartz, Dusty Rose - From Cross Partners In Promotion Team

 What Exactly Is Millennial Pink?

It's 2017 and there is this Color - "Millennial Pink" ---

--- and I've read that it is carrying on in popularity - both in Fashion and Home Decor - to an extent that I recommend you keep a sense of humor about it whether you are a fan of some shade of a lighter Pink - or not!  

Apparently you may be seeing a lot of it all over the place according to 2017 online media articles!!  

There is even not total consensus as to what exactly "Millennial Pink" is, except that it is in a range of lighter Pinks - I have seen this list of shades of Pink accepted as "Millennial Pink" (but there may be others):

  • Light Pink
  • Rose Quartz (one of the 2 Pantone "Color of the Year 2016")
  • Dusty Rose

Well - our Members of the Cross Partners In Promotion Google Community make Handmade - and some of them have "Millennial Pink" as the dominant color, if not the only color - and here is a selection of them!!