Monday, January 18, 2016

FAQ for the Cross Partners in Promotion (CPP) group

What do I share on a CPP post?
Any handmade item from one of your selling venues or website.

What category to I place my CPP post? For sharing your craft item, you would post to the current month category.

How often can I post my items?
Up to four times per week.

Do I need to share everyone's post? Yes, everyone and all items posted. If you are going to be absent for a few days or a few weeks, then let us know by posting your message to the Discussion category. When you get back, you will need to catch up at least the last four days of postings.

What does a CPP post look like?
Here is a typical example of a G+ post that a CPP member would make from which all other members could easily share:

As you can see, some members add the full link, whereas some members may choose to shorten a link; however, not necessary to shorten. or are link shortners that some use if desired.

What links do I add to my CPP post for sharing?
You can add any social link to your posts for sharing. Most common are Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Wanelo, Instagram. OR if you don't participate in any of these social networks, you can post your craft item to CPP and we will share to G+ only. Likewise, you would only need to share other members craft items to G+ only. We always share to G+ in addition to other social networks if the links are provided.

How do I find the URL link to my Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook post to use in my CPP posting? It's easy to post something to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, but where to find the link that is needed to be able to participate in CPP group postings.

How to find the URL link to your pinterest post?:

How to find the URL link to your Tweeted post?:(remember to add the #cpromo hashtag to your tweet)

How to find the URL link to your Facebook post?
Facebook is the same, you just click the time stamp, then copy the URL.

Got a question, then just asking by posting to the Discussion category