Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bracelet Earrings Set Wrap Stack Green Beaded Fancy Jasper Gemstone metal Handmade

Bracelet Wrap Stack Green Beaded Fancy Jasper Gemstone metal Handmade. Green Fancy Jasper Gemstone metal Beaded Handmade Memory Wire bracelet. Fancy Jasper has variations of green, mahogany, white, gray and is a highly polished gemstone. Fancy Jasper beads are in long rectangles that have sideways cuts in them to pick up different lights. Fancy Jasper Rondels are also used and give a lot of texture to this bracelet. Metal spacers are saucer shaped and separate the different sizes of the Jasper beads. This is a three strand memory wire bracelet. Smokey Swarovski Crystals separate the smallest of the Fancy Jasper beads and make the bracelet pick up light from different angles. Fancy Jasper is spaced with metal spacers, Swarovski crystals and tiny fancy jasper beads. Bracelet is highly flexible and has a one size fits all size. This is a one size fits all bracelet as it can be easily shaped to be larger or smaller. In its current shape it is approximately 9" outside dimension bangle type bracelet (equates to about a size 8 bangle).

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