Sunday, February 7, 2016

Irish Crochet Heart with 3D Roses - Handmade Made-To-Order - You Choose Color - Romantic Lace Heart by RSS Designs In Fiber

You Choose Which Color of Irish Crochet Heart - Made-To-Order Etsy Listing

RSS Designs In Fiber has been making these Irish Crochet Hearts for some years!!

This particular design is an Irish Crochet Lace Heart Shape with 3 Multi-layer Irish Crochet Roses inside it.

The Heart Shape is crocheted in a Solid Color Cotton Crochet Thread.
The 3 Irish Crochet Roses are crocheted in a Shaded Color Thread.

This could be used as a Pendant for a Necklace or Choker - or as a Heart Decoration around the Home or Office - or as a Heart Applique on any Fabric item!

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Here are full photos of each Heart to Choose:

Pink Heart with Shaded Pinks Roses

Burgundy Red Heart with Shaded Garnet Reds Roses

Yellow Heart with Shaded Yellows Roses

Baby Blue Heart with Shaded Blues Roses

 Lavender Purple Heart with Shaded Purples Roses 

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