Monday, December 7, 2015

Crocheted Warm Hat and Scarf Set - Black with Colorful Dots - Handmade by RSS Designs In Fiber

This Handmade Crocheted Set of A Hat and A Neckwarmer Scarf are made with a Boucle Yarn that is Thick and Warm - it is an "Ombre" Yarn, Black with Yellow, Magenta and Red.

The Hat is Soft with a Rolled Up Brim that stretches - about 22 to 24 Inches around - and being 9 Inches high, you can have it long enough to cover the neck down to the Scarf.

The Scarf is a Neck-warmer Style - 41 Inches Long, 6 Inches Wide - with a Slit, so you can pull the other end of the Scarf through the slit and tighten it around your Neck for Warmth!

Great Hat and Scarf Set for Colder, Wet, Winter Days!

You can find it in my RSS Designs In Fiber Etsy Shop -

"Black MultiColor Dots Hat & Neck Warmer Scarf Set"