Friday, December 18, 2015

Giant Rose Table Topper - Irish Crocheted Rose Art by RSS Designs In Fiber

This 17-Inch Table Topper has a 5 1/2 Inch Irish Crocheted Shaded Garnet Red Rose at the Center!

This Multi-layer Rose has 8 3-Inch long Crocheted Green Leaves around it.

-- And an 8-pointed Star-shaped 3-4 Inch Border.

Here is a Closeup of the Irish Crochet Red Rose - with all its layers and petals:

The Crocheted Rose and Leaves are made with High Quality, Lustrous DMC Pearl Cotton Thread, which you have to see in person to appreciate the beauty of!!

You can get full details on this Table Topper here:

Giant Irish Crochet Rose Table Topper

Every Stitch Made By RSS Designs In Fiber!

Part of the RSS Designs In Fiber Handmade Flower Decor Series!