Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Shiny Ivory Handmade Lampwork Glass Heart Beads with Gaia Trails

Shiny ivory handmade lampwork glass heart beads with gaia trails and a shiny glass bead finish
Gaia is a reactive glass that creates a lustrous shine with blues, greens and cream colors.  The freestyle pattern is unique making each glass heart bead an original work of art

  • One (1) handmade lampwork heart bead
  • Ivory and gaia trails
  • Shiny bead finish

  • Sizes offered: app 14mm, 16mm
  • Bead hole size: 2mm
  • Mandrel 1/16 mm

  • Lampwork glass beads by glass artisan Charlotte Hayes of Covergirlbeads
  • Member of Self Representing Artists SRA #H98
  • Made in the USA
  • Made in Texas
  • hb276gaiag

Sizes offered:
  • 14mm glass heart bead measures app 13-14mm
  • 16mm glass heart bead measures app 15-16mm

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  1. Gorgeous hearts - love the turquoise-y color against the ivory.

  2. Fantastic handmade artisan lampwork heart beads!

  3. these teal and ivory lampwork heart beads have a sweet peek a boo appearance

  4. Very pretty handmade ivory heart shaped lampwork beads!

  5. Gorgeous lampwork heart shaped beads. I love the ivory and turquoise colors!

  6. Thank you Catherine, Mary, Julie, Sharon and Connie!