Friday, September 13, 2019

Cat Lover and Alice in Wonderland Bangle Bracelet with Charms

Cat Lover Bangle Bracelet

If you are quite mad about your cat, then you will love this bracelet. If your cat has you "over the moon" for him or her, then you will love this bracelet. I combined a cat and moon charm with a "we're all mad here" Alice in Wonderland Cheshire cat 1-inch charm and added a smirking Siamese to compile this cat lover's bracelet. If you know or are a cat lover, this adjustable bracelet makes a good gift.

Adjustable bangle lets you decide the size, but it is best at around 7-inches or so.

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Harry and I thank you and all of the cat lovers for sharing our cat bangle bracelet. Many treats to all of our friends furry and otherwise


  1. Fun bangle bracelet for a cat lover. LOVE the "we're all mad here" charm (: Desert Moose says tropical depression Harry needs a treat!

  2. thank you for the shares of my mad cat bangle bracelet

  3. Love this cute and fun cat lovers bangle charm bracelet!

  4. Such a fun cat-themed bracelet with charm dangles!

  5. Me! Me! I'm a cat lover! lol Such a cute bangle bracelet, Julie with all the fun cat inspired charms.