Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Pink Calm Women's Key Chain Purse Charm Beaded Keyring

Pink Calm Keychain or Purse Charm

When it comes time to stay calm, this beaded key ring is a reminder to remain calm. It has been hung from a soldered chain and comes complete with an array of handmade charms and other beads that match the color theme of pink.

It is 4-inches long and all charms are added by oval jumprings for security. It has a nice big clasp for the handle of your purse and a big ring for your keys. Can also be hung from your rearview mirror.

I only made ONE, so get it while I have it.

Materials include plated metals.

NOT waterproof, so don't take this key chain swimming!

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Thank you for  sharing my calm beaded keyring.


  1. We all need more calm in our lives. Beautiful keychain to remind us of that! More treats to the Sweet Harry from Snoozin' Moose.

  2. Love the beautiful pink and red colors on your Calm key chain purse charm

  3. Gorgeous keychain! I really like the Calm charm! (Treats to Cutie Harry!)

  4. thank you so much for sharing my Calm keychain, which is inspired by my total lack of it lately - many treats to all furry feet and those with ten toes too

  5. Calm sounds so calming and we all need a little bit of that. Really cute idea for a key chain charm! Love all the pretty pink dangling beads.