Thursday, June 6, 2019

African Batik Boho Necklace, Black White Tribal Handmade Jewelry Women

black and white african flag bead boho necklace gift for women

The "Nzuri Sana" handmade necklace features African batik bone flag beads and black onyx - unique boho jewelry for women.

Juxtaposing the rustic look of fair trade African black and white batik bone beads with the smooth elegance of black onyx gemstones, the tribal inspired NZURI SANA handmade necklace is a truly stunning piece of boho jewelry.  Eye catching wavy patterned black and white batik bone beads were hand cut in a slightly curved flag shape.  Individually decorated on both sides in Ghana (please see below for more information about that), the batik flags are very similar in design and color but not exactly the same.  Between each batik bead is a sleek and shiny black onyx round bead, separated from the black and white flags by pewter disc spacers and small sterling silver beads. Black onyx beads finish the back of the necklace, interspersed with the lead free pewter and sterling beads.  Carefully designed and handmade by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs, the one of a kind NZURI SANA necklace is perfect for the woman who loves unique tribal jewelry and one who loves to hear the many positive comments on the jewelry she wears! “Nzuri sana” is Swahili for “very beautiful.”

african batik flag bead tribal jewelry for women

Individually handmade black and white batik bone beads add a boho, tribal feel to the necklace design.

*** How batik bone beads are made:

The batik bone flag beads used in NZURI SANA are so lovely - even more so when you understand the process of making them. Most bone beads are made in Ghana and Kenya, and, to a lesser degree, in Cameroon. "Batik" is traditionally a method of dyeing fabric where a clear wax design is applied to the material. When the material is then dyed, the wax repels most of the dye. This same technique is applied to bleached cow or buffalo bone, usually using hot beeswax because if its extreme resistance to dye. After a pattern is painted on with the hot beeswax, the bone is then dipped in the dye. Most dyes used are made from natural sources: leaves, tree bark and/or sap. The bone beads are left in the dye bath a varying length of time, depending on how dark the bones need to be dyed. Once the desired color is achieved, the bead is dried, the wax is scraped off and the bead is carefully polished. Each bead is done this way, a very laborious process from beginning to end! But this process makes each and every bead unique.

handmade boho african tribal jewelry for her

The beautiful "Nzuri Sana" tribal necklace shown on a jewelry bust.

Here is the important information about the "Nzuri Sana" tribal necklace:

  • Batik bone flag beads:  app. 22 mm x 21 mm x 7 mm (at thickest)
  • Black onyx rounds:  8 mm
  • Pewter spacers:  app, 5 mm x 3 mm; lead free
  • Metal:  sterling silver and pewter
  • Clasp:  textured sterling silver hook clasp set
  • Length:  app. 18” / 45.7 cm

The Speckled Moose Dog and I thank you for the shares of the Nzuri Sana necklace!



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